New Super Moon in Virgo, the Sun and the Moon are united as a new intention together, asking you to look at what you are seeking to heal, solve, resolve, analise, and understand. This energy will help you pinpoint details of obstacles that you’ve been looking to solve. It’s a time to look at all the things in accordance to your life and see them more clearly bringing understanding and new ways to approach them. Virgo brings in a deeper level of healing of what you have been experiencing and working internally with all these retrograde planets for the last several months

This New Moon power energy has the intensity to shift your life or what may need to be shifted and change it into a direction you’re willing to take.The seed planted at this critical New Moon comes with stability and great framework, it’s a very grounded energy. You could use the analogy of the acorn that grows into the almighty oak, it’s a symbol of humble beginnings. It grows slowly, but surely at its own rate when finally it comes to fruition of wisdom embodied in its towering strength.

Manifesting, strategic long term building in terms of what we can build individually and/or collectively. Setting intentions for yourself and for the earth as Virgo is ruled by the earth element. What are you ready to say yes to? What do you want to take forward? What are you ready to build? Virgo is the self improvement, refinement and growth and Capricorn is the commitment, determination and discipline. Bringing stability to well thought out concepts and ideas. The impact of the focused journey is larger than the outcome.

Saturn in Capricorn 25 degrees and New Moon/Sun 25 degrees. The number 25 is introspective, spiritual, team-oriented, and curious enough to continue searching for knowledge. The number 25 indicates wisdom with a touch of diplomacy and curiosity. This number is about intuition, self-awareness, and interest in nearly everything.

In numerology 25 stands for using wit, analyzing ability, and unique perception to communicate (and compare) viewpoints with those of others. And with Mercury squaring Jupiter this will bring the ability to energize your ideas and your creations. 

Breathe deeply and release all old fears for survival. Control the inflated ideas by staying grounded. Keep things simple and focused. Goals can be broken down into small steps so that each step brings you progress. 

The Virgo New Moon is an ideal opportunity to set your positive intention for your personal development, spiritual growth, and prosperity. Don’t hesitate to make a bold move in a new direction. 

As Above So Below As Within So Without

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