Happy Full Moon

This Full Moon in Gemini greets us @ 11:08 pm EST this evening. Mars is now at its most visible in our skies, look for this beautiful celestial body right next to the Moon. I have yet to capture this picture. (Fingers crossed the clouds will dissipate by this evening)

The message it delivers is hopeful. The vision forward may still be unclear, yet the word it delivers and produces (Mercury) is painted in our deepest expansive urge for pleasure (Venus).

Our emotions (Moon), how we take in information (Gemini), our monkey mind (Gemini) may have a sense of agency (Mars), it is by embodying (Mars) our highest potential, igniting our inner fire and higher truth (Sagittarius) that we can have the greatest outcome.

Our awakening, all that we are seeking and desiring, is to be savored and actualized, in due time. It is still in its creating and preparation stages, its forward momentum not quite available in abundance yet. Gratefully, presenting us the ability to slow down the pace for deep mindfulness and presence for this actualization. (Mars retrograde) (5 days away from Mercury moving into shadow)

This is our Full Moon and Season to move beyond the little self and into our Higher Self, full of optimism, full of hope, and full of expansion as we birth into a new 12 year cycle on the 20th of December. (Jupiter moving into Aries)

We have been asked over and over again what our long held beliefs have been and are they still true for us?

Are we in alignment with our desires, our hopes, our dreams, ourselves, exploring what is possible or are we holding on to our old stories?

Are we allowing for our fear to move us courageously, guiding us to bravely shine into our authenticity, our personal power and continue the dance of life as we entertain the precipice of possibility?

The law of receptivity is amplified this Full Moon, energy flows where energy goes. Will we align this moon’s energy with the burning fires of the mind, our little self or will we align with burning off of the emotional body that keeps us in a standstill and expand into our Vital force energy, our highest potential?

Take a leap of faith, it’s time to believe in ourselves, know that the difficulties that present themselves are always opportunities to expand us into the world we desire to live.