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Classes, Events and Workshops

Watch for my Free New Moon and Full Moon Circles every month. I invite you to come plant your seeds of intentions towards your dream goals and wishes for the New Moon and Clearing the slate for the Full Moon Circle. It is a time to honor the Moon and celebrate in a sacred gathering. Come prepared with your birth chart ( or know your Ascendant sign) You can cast a FREE chart at Astro.com. Astrology and Numerology will be part of the ceremony.

On Demand Video

You will have classes available On Demand, at your convenience. These classes are recorded from the live stream classes available weekly on Zoom (If you’d like to join us live go to my yoga and meditation page to sign up). These classes are curated to invoke inspiration, empowerment, mobility, strength and create tools for resilience to further your unique evolution. There will be Chair yoga, Gentle yoga, and Meditations available. These classes are authentic, natural and unedited. They are perfectly imperfect! See you on your Mat.


Coming in the Fall

When energies are running deep and the release of what weighs you down is highlighted more than ever, take the lessons, the pain, the challenges, the serendipity and allow those events to guide you!

~ Isabelle