Good Day Cosmic Hearts 🤍,

We are now in Pisces season. 

Happy Birthday Pisces! 

The energies have shifted from our intellectual mind into our intuition, motivating us into the depths of our feelings and connecting us into our more intuitive self. The month ahead calls us to progress into a more present, mindful space, connecting us into a more empathic and compassionate space for the collective. It asks us to seek out our faith and trust in our higher power, connecting us into our highest selves. The piscean energy aims to find peace through connecting with the ebb and flow of life through trust in the Divine. 

We have a lot of get up and go, full steam ahead energy this week. Great week to get projects started, completed and delivered. The energies completely support a productive week ahead. 

As the week progresses, the Sun is getting closer and closer to Jupiter and Neptune, shining a light on our year aheads biggest energy of creativity, arts, fashion and music. 

This opens up opportunities and awakenings of creative self expressions, enabling us all to expand ourselves within our deepest passions. When we can quiet the mind and find the depth of our silence, it is from this space that our story is conceived and from this place creation is possible. In the void we find our voice. It is from this place that we are able to listen, learn, and hear. 

What is our deepest wisdom to have faith in? What are our unknown dreams? What are the passions we desire to express? Where to surrender to reconnect to Divine love? What story do we want to create and live? 

As Saturn and Mercury come together in Aquarius this week, we are being asked to innovate and create social change with mature communication and reasoning. It’s calling us to stimulate our curiosity and move beyond our own boundaries and structures. 

What can we learn from others? Where is the logic in what is happening around me?

And lastly, we look at and feel the energies of Mars, Venus and Pluto, all meeting up in Capricorn. This plays a big role in our need for social accomplishments and Divine force in love and harmony, penetrating our will to action. Structure and transformation in our values, our worth, our vitality and drive to survive and take action. Organization in the surrendering of old forms into new ones with self determination. 

What do we value and want? What is our greater purpose in the name of Love and desire? 

There is an incredible docuseries available for FREE for the next 2 weeks, it started yesterday, and it is not too late to sign up. I am not affiliated in any way, but had the privilege to see the first episode a while back. It is based on a book written by a scholar, professor and astrologer Dr Tarnas «Cosmos and Psyche». It is brilliantly done and explains a lot about the cycles of life and honestly about our current times of what is going on in the world. If you haven’t signed up yet, I highly recommend you do, it will only be available FREE to the public for the next 2 weeks. A MUST watch, in my opinion. Go to their website and sign up to receive access. 

If this helps and inspires you please do not hesitate to share with others. My hope is always to have these messages land where they are needed.

Have the most amazing heartfelt day!

~ Isabelle Gargagliano