This week, we are still riding the cosmic wave of the New Moon Eclipse asking us to trust our intuition and cultivate a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. We are being called to embrace our personal power and accept ourselves fully and that which we seek. It’s an energy of stretching our horizons through exploration, and learning. It’s a time to check in and be fully truthful to what is limiting us from expanding into our full potential and loving ourselves fully. 

Next week, we move into different energies as the planet Mars moves into Sagittarius, where we just had the Eclipse. Therefore, the release of past matters is still very prominent. Where are we feeling angry and frustrated? Where are we not feeling understood? Where are we not being validated? This is the work and release for us all to allow for us to move into our higher self. We are being encouraged to stop playing small, move away from our insecurities and fears. So we can rise to our highest potential. Encouraging us to live life to the fullest, becoming more versatile and spending our energy on meaningful projects.  

We also have the planet Mercury moving into Capricorn calling in capacity for focus and discipline. As well, aligning with Sagittarius energy and amplifying our intellectual pursuits. The energies call in quietude, perhaps thinking more than speaking, but when choosing to speak being mindful of our words.

This also aligns well with the first quarter Moon phase, having done the release work, (letting go of what’s keeping you stuck, angry and frustrated?, what is keeping you small?), we can move into next week seamlessly, which calls in the cardinal earth energy and this phase of the Moon, igniting a time for building and learning something new in our lives.

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