New Moon in Scorpio @ 12°

Navigating the waves of the Month

We are well under way into our scorpionic flavors and into the energies of this eclipse season. We have all had a tremendous year in the way of our lives review and sudden changes and shifts. This month is no different. This New Moon in Scorpio sets the tone for the Month, it is the grand opening and sets the stage for the eclipse season. Buckle your seatbelt, we are all in for a ride. 

We have to keep at the forefront of our thoughts that this is not happening to us, this is happening for us. The Scorpionic energy is very deep, healing, and transformative. Add all the arduous and soul-stirring aspects to it and what do you get? In its highest expression, transparency, honesty, vulnerability that can be extremely penetrating and profound. Or in its lowest expression power-seeking, hurtful, disregarding, and/or spiteful. When we know what we have to work with it allows us to be able to reframe. Awareness is key. 

The New Moon in Scorpio gives us an opportunity to move into what is and has to be. It is a time to expect the unexpected, allowing for the potential of our fate. We will more than likely be experiencing in some ways surprising beginnings and/or endings. This New moon in Scorpio is in opposition to Uranus. Revelations towards a new path forward may be striking like lightning bolts, downloads, inspiration into innovative ideas and unexpected changes are definitely prominent. Big changes are on the rise. A great time to utilize this energy for breakthrough and steer clear of the breakdowns allowing the emotion to move through us rather than guarding against it. Remembering how deep and emotional scorpio can be, emotions can be fluctuating, but to also keep in mind that Uranus is the Great Awakener calling us into our own quantum leap.  

Mercury and Venus are in cahoots and their supportive cooperation will be bringing joy to relationships, connections and bonds. Strengthening ability to compromise and bearing blissful interactions.

Mars and the North Node in Gemini are setting the stage for unsteady progress. Find a strategy that will guide your vision forward because we are being called to learn healthy personal development and the potency of this aspect requires constant readjustment in our self-determined action towards the rational aspects of life. A plan will be very effective in keeping you in alignment.

The Moon, The Sun and Uranus, some of the big hitters of this New Moon are all at 12°.  The caution here with the 12 is when out of alignment you may move into a space of feeling victimized or like you may be victimizing others. This may bring in feelings of bitterness and feeling like we have lost our authority. This is scorpio energy at its lowest and toughest. The importance is to be aware of and see these clues as a guide of whether or not we are out of alignment. This wisdom is for the allowance of reframing our thoughts and actions. If we are in this state and feeling like it’s all too much. Find the breath moving in and out of the nostril and allow that breath to bring us into the present moment and into the body. 

The Number 12 energy in numerology aligns with this New moon in Scorpio in a way that we may need to give up something in order to achieve the knowledge and wisdom we seek. This is the unpredictability of the Uranus energy. Remember, we carry a “knowingness” within us, so look within when seeking a solution. The answers always lie within us. When we focus on expanding our spiritual and intuitive practice we reap success and experience happiness. This is what will expand us in the Month ahead. It’s a good time to go deep within our practice, whatever that looks like for us, prayer, journaling, yoga, morning rituals, oracle cards, gratitude, meditation, moon intention and guidance rituals, self development through astrology and numerology etc. These are just a few that I practice and please feel free to DM me if any of you would like guidance in any of these topics. This can also inform me of what this community needs more of to thrive. 

Blessed New Moon beginnings to you all. 

As above so below 

As within so without