New Moon cycles allow us a restart or better yet, a reset…. We are gifted this renewal each cycle to plant our seeds. Every month we are invited to review what worked, what didn’t and how we decide to move forward with all we learned from the previous cycle. Where you have grown and where there is still room to grow.We then set our intentions, prayers to guide us towards a greater development of ourselves.
On May 22, 2020 we begin the Gemini cycle where the Sun and the Moon (Third Eye Chakra) come together forming New Moon energy. We have so many 2’s all through this chart, plus the date. Two’s represent duality, the same energy as the sign of Gemini. We have a recurring theme of duality throughout, this may be an invitation to doing or looking at a situation from two sides or two angles. Be mindful of duplicity which could be someone or even yourself, saying one thing and doing the opposite. There is a real contemplative feel here with this number two Gemini energy, like a give and take or sitting with something (thinking) before making a decision. This New Moon has a lot of mutable (changeable) energy, this is a clear intention of change when coupled with the number two energy, speaks to a harmonious change.
Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, usually fast moving energy, but it is being slowed right down here with Saturn (Root Chakra) moving in Retrograde into Aquarius. Inviting us to entertain liberation, freedom and equality. There is potential, supportive development of opportunity here. New Moon trine (three planets’ energies working together) Saturn and Jupiter opens us up to build, learn new skills or to crystallize what’s already been in motion. There will be growth, good fortune, and happiness. Great New Moon for teaching and learning. It’s a great time to set achievable long term goals with a sense of practicality. Advancement, success, and recognition are likely because of a work ethic, determination, and perseverance. While progress may be slow it will be steady and the results long lasting. A foundation for future prosperity bringing with it a sense of pure satisfaction and contentment.
We have a couple of aspects that will be creating some confusion. Mercury (throat chakra) (communications) square (clashing) Neptune (crown chakra) (“dis”illusion) bringing a lack of clarity, confusion, misinformation, and misinterpretation. It is important here to keep communication basic. There is also the potential of deception. Be mindful of reality and what can be trusted. This aspect tells us to seek professional advice for any important business or any legal matters. Venus (heart chakra) (values) square (clashing) Neptune (rose colored glasses) This difficult energy can lead to poor self image and insecurities about yourself. These energies can lead to difficulties in relationships, energy flows where energy goes. If we are being hard on ourselves, we will most certainly be hard on others. Being mindful of this, keeping your best interest at heart will help keep all relationships at an advantage. Financially, it is important to be aware of the full extent of exchange to ensure no confusion and to avoid wasting money.
We are encouraged to look at both sides of the story, stay in the moment, be mindful and open to change. It’s a profound time to teach, learn, persevere and grow. Be advised to keep communications straightforward and uncomplicated and true to ourselves. Seek professional advice for important matters and ensure no confusion in financial matters.
Journaling is a great resource for contemplation and even meditation. Here are some questions you may be drawn to journal with: Am I always tapping into ways of doing my own unique thing? Where am I shutting down in fear of being heard or seen? Who am I placing too much value in? With Sun/Moon/Venus in Gemini, it’s time to learn and love all of YOU.
Happy New Moon Blessings!
And so it is….