New Moon in Aries April 11, 2021

How will you be harnessing and cultivating your fire?

Sun and Moon at 22­° in the sign of Aries. In numerology, the number 22 represents the Archetype of Peace, invoking this necessary energy. It is a particularly good time to dive into making a change or to do something big in your life. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, therefore, bringing us the beginning of the zodiacal New Year. It ushers in a new energy full of ideas, originality, creativity. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun in Aries marks the beginning of the Spring so, seasonally, this a great time to consider what passions you are creating for yourself. A New Moon starts a new cycle and is our chance every month to reevaluate, renew and reset.

It’s a cardinal, fire sign, meaning this moon will feel action orientated, self-focused and assertive, it’s fire energy and can be a bit uncontrolled if you don’t harness and direct it. Aries is about initiating anything new and following through with a desire to be more independent. It gives us a sense of fresh ideas burning brightly, igniting new visions with clarity and insight on what can be accomplished, especially in areas of your life that have felt stagnant or vague and unsettled. One way to get some clarity is to look where the New Moon, through its current Zodiac Sign, Aries, is touching your Birth Chart. 

Perhaps feeling inspired by seeing what needs to be accomplished as Aries is all about moving ahead, clearing a path and finding the way forward. Use the energy of this New Moon in Aries to see what needs to be done and make progress where you feel you need to, but choose carefully how to manage your energy, being very mindful, as Aries is a great initiator, but tends to lose steam quickly.

Relationships will either be wildly passionate or extremely strained, this is Pluto’s hand at work creating challenges or passion with Venus, what do your close relationships feel like, are there some stuck spots, do you need to set boundaries? Or are you in the throws of spring love? If not, emotional courage will be needed. Remember to pause and contemplate both speech and action.  

The time for fully embodying your truth is here. The time for stepping into the fullness of your being and allowing your passions, spirit, and drive to be expressed is now.

Ask yourself who you truly want to be. Ask yourself what you truly want to do. Use this new moon to set the intention to do and be that which aligns with your inner self and feed your fire. Allow yourself to be fully in your own truth, releasing that which no longer feeds your soul, fills your cup or puts out your fire. 

Happy New Moon Blessings!