Today’s Full Moon marks the achievement of what began back in January. Was there a thought, a project, a vision, an intention that was created six months ago? This is where we will see it come to fruition.

This Moon marks the ending or the letting go of this energy that began at the beginning of this year and is now completing. 

It’s also possible that this intention may have been halted and hasn’t come to it’s full completion, if this is the case, we need to look at what has been getting in the way, what has constricted and not served or limited this project.

Now is the time to be subjective and release what we are clinging to and what may have restricted our vision from January. Or come to understand that this intention wasn’t part of our path. Looking to Cancer, the opposite sign of this Full Moon, for the comfort and protection of knowing it’s okay to let it go.


While this Full Moon is energetically aligned with prosperity, hope, cheerfulness and success, we have to remember that Capricorn rules structures. It is all about our foundations and principles.

This entire year revolves around the old challenging the new and vice versa. Knowing this energy and working with it gives us an upper hand to living our best life.

 What structures do we need to tear down and rebuild?

What systems do we need to put into place?

What are the limitations holding us back from living our greatest potential?

What barriers do we need to address?

What is restricting our full expression?

What will serve the highest good of all moving forward?

When we start to think of the answers to these questions we may start to feel overwhelmed or even unsure of the answers.

This is where we would look to Cancer, Capricorns opposite for how we want to feel.

This essentially is what matters most, therefore, we need the foundations, principles and structures in place for us to thrive and feel as we desire.

Connecting to our deepest self is what will always get us through any challenge or circumstance, as it is the force that connects us to our intuition and shows us how to nurture ourselves.

It is here in this space that we can rebuild our structure, if need be, to support the sensations and responses we actually want to experience. 

This north/south access of Cancer/Capricorn ruling our past and cultural conditionings and the person we seek to become encourages us during this lunation to remember where we came from and who we want to be so that we can shine our truth, our essence, our soul into the world.

This is the best time to reset and get focused on the direction we want to target. It’s time to ask ourselves what will fulfill us?  as we move towards some long term goals and plans. 

This luminary event sits at 3°, if we want to understand further where this activates for us, we can look to the house where 3° of Capricorn is in our chart, as well as, if there are any planets at this degree or within a close orb. This will speak more to us on a personal level. 

3 is the number of creativity, optimism, inspiration and imagination enhancing Jupiter’s positive triangle to the Moon and Sun. It asks us to speak our truth, focus, plan and prioritize. It wants us to overcome our self-doubt and express ourselves creatively. It desires us to celebrate our achievements.

Take a step back and look at how far we have come since January. It’s important to take the time to acknowledge and honor our progress.  

Allow the celebrations and releases to begin and always know and trust that there are forces beyond us that are manifesting and creating a better world.

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