Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius May 26, 2021

We are once again reminded of this year’s theme of Change and Freedom with the Moon and Sun at 5 degrees. Eclipses generally represent revelations and we are in the 5th month. What may be revealed may end a karmic cycle. 

We have the largest Super Moon of the year which is also a total Lunar Eclipse. There is abundant energy in the skies above for this Full Moon bringing clarity, transparency, and revealing the truth. Lunar Eclipses occur when the Sun and the Moon are in alignment and the earth passes between them. The lunar Eclipse may make the Moon appear slightly red and hazy in the sky and this is where it gets its name Blood Moon. 

This Eclipse is the culmination of what may have been started or presented back in November/December 2020 and it initiates a month of retrogrades and dramatical activity. Now is the time to release, let go or end that cycle as it is a South Node Eclipse. What we once held true may no longer be relevant. It represents a resetting, and a clearing of the previous six months.

This Eclipse occurs on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis in our chart. This can be considered the knowledge axis, although these two signs have very different approaches to knowledge. Gemini rules the logical mind and Sagittarius rules our beliefs – what we believe to be true and morally right. And since the Full Moon is in Sagittarius, it will expose what is working and no longer working. This will feel like an authentic soul searching and with Saturn in retrograde and Mercury soon to follow we will be driven to going much much deeper to reveal and understand the why. 

  • Why do we believe what we believe?
  • What is the bigger picture?
  • What is the real reason we believe this to be the truth?
  • What is the real reason why we hold onto a belief?

 Sagittarius and the number 5 represent freedom, we are invited to let go of fears, anxieties, and all things that hold us back from being unapologetically our true authentic self. Leaning into this will be the saving grace to these heavy intense energies that could potentially steer us in the opposite direction of unleashing our innermost cravings and desires. This is an invitation to think bigger and wilder about our future than we normally would.

As Above, So Below

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