Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

  The Moonth of December 2020 is seeing some pretty revolutionary astrology, we have Jupiter and Saturn moving into the sign of Aquarius, the Great Conjunction. The start of a New Era! More to come on this since it is so monumental, for now let’s focus on this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14 at 11:14 am EST.  

A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and conceals the earth’s view of the Sun, bringing them into complete alignment. This can be compared to the spiritual trinity that is found throughout many doctrines. The trinity of our Universe comes together as one! 

Metaphorically, the dimming of the Sun’s light during the eclipse takes the light away from our external lives and our ability to achieve, bringing us into a more internal self, guided to find new ways to reach our goals and get creative. It is a very powerful time to set intentions, plant seeds, get started on New Projects and look forward to New Goals.

 This energy feels like a Grand Reset bringing us the start of a New Cycle, setting our eyes on a bigger direction, a higher path, progressing well into 2021, May, to be specific. 

The optimistic, open minded, fluctuant, fiery Sagittarius is passionate about matters relating to the exploration of life and life’s purpose.


It may awaken us through this type of eclipse disruption, therefore, the energy has expansion and wisdom, envisioning what’s possible. For this sign the possibilities are endless, awakening the go-getter in all of us.  

The flavor of Sagittarius shows us how we can enjoy ourselves and broaden our understanding. It brings in insights of moral values, philosophy and vision. Driving us to believe or have faith, reconnecting to something larger than ourselves. The Sagittarian thrives on trust,  growth of self, improvement and meaning. It’s essentially an energy of freedom and liberation.  

It’s a time for bringing clarity internally to what we really want in our life, if we are only going to make one Wishlist this year, make it this one. 


  Questions to ponder and journal on:

In which ways have the events of this year affected and impacted your trajectory to living a more fulfilling life? 

 Looking at things through a wider lens, where can your confidence, clarity and inspiration evolve?

What adventures do you want to have moving forward?

Where in your life do you want to up level?

While this Eclipse is all about opportunity, the Universe may need us to first clear the way to allow these opportunities to reach us. 

It’s a time for planting your seeds for 2021, keeping the vibrations high, sending the Universe clear high vibes. 

Keep yourself grounded and focused on feeling joy, inner peace, happiness, gratitude and love. Where you place your focus and your vibration is where the energy will flow. It is very important to listen to your inner knowing, your intuition and honor your soul desires.

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Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!

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