We are in a time of great transition. Last week we had a Total Solar eclipse in Sagittarius, Saturn moved into Aquarius, followed by Jupiter and today, we have Saturn and Jupiter meeting at less than a degree apart from our perspective on earth. It is forming what everyone is calling the Christmas Star seen in our evening skies. This conjunction (astrological term for planets energies working together at very close degrees) only occurs roughly every 20 years, but these two have not been this close and in close proximity to the earth in 800 year. Saturn is the planet of contraction and Jupiter the planet of expansion, it reminds me of the breath, the inhale – expansion, the exhale – contraction.

Roughly every 20 years when they meet they have been in Earth signs, a grounded, practical and structured energy, except for a couple of short occurrences when they actually met in Air signs, giving us the flavor of energies we are moving into for the next 200 years or so. Now sit with that a moment, we are looking at 7 generations to come where every 20 years Saturn and Jupiter meet in Air signs. This is monumental! This Air energy is more communicative, logical, innovative, inventive, knowledge driven, as it rules the mind. These are 2 slower moving planets, therefore, some of us have yet to feel this energy, but others may already be deep into it. As well as, what is planted or birthed today may not come into fruition right away, it’s time frame might look closer to 12 or 20 years, or maybe not even in this lifetime.

This shift brings revolutionary changes to outdated traditions, conventional structures, laws, governments and big corporations. As Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, we may be experiencing heightened restrictions on how we gather and communicate, as Aquarius is all about social structures. It can be either rebellious or conservative. We may start seeing more structure around social media platforms, laws and restrictions on what you can and cannot publish, as Aquarius is the sign of technology and the internet. Aquarius is also the sign of friends and groups, we may see people coming together in the face of restriction and fighting for a more just world. This energy is moving us to a better world! If we are really willing to dedicate ourselves to helping others and giving ourselves to a greater cause we will definitely ride the waves of this time. Every action is essential, even though we may never see it come to fruition in our lifetime. 

Winter Solstice this year starts a New Era, If you are waiting for your New Year Intentions I wouldn’t wait, the time is today to send out those intentions. These Energies are very powerful! Even if you don’t know all the fine details, that will come, but at least set out your vision. Find some time to honor the longest night of the year and what shadows it may bring up. Great evening for shadow work and release as we move into the light. It is a time to feel your feet firmly rooted into the earth as we start our essention. I encourage greater vision for yourselves and the collective. It is essential to shine your light, and know from where you came and who you are, but most importantly to love and honor thyself. 

I am easily reached if you require help navigating these time!

Don’t hesitate…