Inner Truth and Integrity

Happy Full Moon in Aries @ 27°

The Full Moon energy is a culmination of what we set intentions for on the previous New Moon, in this case it was in Libra, but it can also be the culmination of the last New Moon in the exact same sign, which in this case was back in April. This was near the beginning of Spring and for some of us the beginning of the Astrological New Year.

Regardless of if you look back 6 months or 2 weeks, the idea is the same. This gives us a bigger picture of how we can track our intentions and what the possibilities are to create on 2 different timelines. It is important to keep at the forefront the idea that anything on the micro can also be seen, as well, on the macro.

This Full Moon Energy is at a top ten level of intensity. We have high Cardinal energy, this translates into a lot of initiating and changing (mutable) energy. Venus and Uranus are responsible for making us feel that what we like and value may feel unpredictable or in need of change. What we like may be harder to feel, seek, attain. What we love to do may suddenly cause anxiety and we may feel conflicted or in conflict emotionally. When we have an awareness of the energy it gives us an understanding that it’s not us and we aren’t alone. It makes it a little easier to allow us to go through the trials and reap the gifts of growth and transformation.

As Mercury stations direct, communications, logic, reasoning is coming from a place of sensitivity and/or weakness. Mercury and Chiron are in a relationship projection, causing words to come from our wounds. Or we may even be hyper aware (sensitive) of our triggers.

And since Jupiter is stationed direct, everything is uber intensified.

Mars is giving this Full Moon an assertive, impulsive and impatient vibe. Sun and Mars squaring Pluto is a very conflictive, combative energy and it is asking us to transform, clear, remove deep emotional attachments and grow by deepening our self knowledge, unveiling our deepest truths and being humbled to that. Pluto reveals what is hidden beneath the surface – your deepest fears and deepest hopes and desires. Its transformative energy symbolizes death and rebirth. Essentially, we are all going through a rebirth.

The analogy of birth is a good one to reach for, child bearing is never the same twice, every experience is very different, some easier than others. Think of going through the birth canal, depending on the conditions it can be easy, smooth or complicated. But regardless of the experience, as a collective we are all changing in ways that could not have been perceived. Take the time, this Full Moon in Aries, to reflect on what may be stopping you from asserting what is important for you into the collective. How can you achieve these things? How will you be asserting your gifts through your presence in the world?

The number 27 is the «humanitarian» number that blesses us with a promise of command and authority. This is a vibration of courage, love and power. It is asking us to love, to give and do so without thought of what you might receive in return. Although the energy is conflictive remember to carry out your own original ideas and goals – bringing caution towards being intimidated or influenced by opinions, which differ from yours, otherwise, you may hit that low expression of 27 which is confused, indecisive, intolerant of those who do not measure up to your perfectionist standards and critical ways. This being fully taunted in the cosmic tides, raise your vibration and prepare to rise like a phoenix from the ashes on the next New Moon in Scorpio preparing us for the Eclipse season.

We are being called to clear, cleanse and purify. Then we can recharge and once we are fully reset, we can set the intentions of love, compassion, peace and harmony for the greater collective in whatever form that looks like for us.

For ourselves, it is imperative to connect to our Higher Self and move into a space of deep knowing, intuition and instinct. This is where we are capable of deep diving into our truth, drawing that line in the sand about what really matters to us in life. When we come from this energy and we stay out of our heads and connect into our body, we are capable of reframing all challenges and therefore all this intensity is a much easier ride and allows for grace along the way.