Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in The Gemini

This lunar event occurs on Nov 30 at 4:29 am EST. Eclipse season has arrived. When we consider an eclipse we need to remember that it is not an energy that culminates right away.  It can take from three and up to six months for the energy to start, develop and end. This is due to the fact that there are always a series of eclipses. This Lunar Eclipse, in the fall, in Gemini is opposite the sign of Sagittarius and back in June, in the spring, we had the opposite Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius opposite the sign of Gemini. These will revisit again in the spring and fall of 2021.

 Keep in mind here that a Lunar eclipse is considered the pinnacle, a denouement, an ending if you will, of the promise or the manifestation made at the beginning of the cycle. The Eclipses that are considered the seed planters, the beginning energies, would be the Solar Eclipses. They are the powerful forces that bring something tangible into your life through attraction, belief, wishes and manifestation. We will be experiencing one of those on December 14th, 2020.This energetic Eclipse phase will bring us into next spring, May of 2021.

This Full Moon is reminding us to release and make decisions upon what needs to be let go of so we can move towards what needs to be built upon. Because the Moon will be hidden by the eclipse for a moment in time, there’s a lot of emphasis on the aspect of Mercury, the planet of communications, in Scorpio moving into Sagittarius hidden from the Moon. What is unseen, unsaid and coming to light? 

The self motivated, changeable Gemini seeks to gather knowledge and loves to talk. We may feel as though we have two minds, and perhaps torn between two decisions. Remember that we all have intuitive skills and to listen in and pick the one that feels best. This will be a moon to investigate matters relating to  the rational mind and communicate with and learn from others. I encourage the idea of journaling and expressing your practical ideas through correspondence,  thoughts, ideas or communications of life and life’s purpose. 

This Gemini energy feels a lot like life’s duality, the yin/yang, black/white, good/bad, but what we need to keep at the forefront of our minds is that even though we need duality to recognize balance, that balance is the reminder of oneness. We are a whole, we are ONE! This Full Moon Eclipse is all about transcending pain, duality, suffering, and separation. 

We have aspects between the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Uranus that will motivate us to use our intuition to weather the unpredictability of changing conditions potentially in our love life, self-values and in our finances.

Clearing the energies, the way and transcending pain this month to make space for all the new beginnings that are desired in our lives. As next month will be all about growing the seeds that we desire in our lives far into the spring of 2021.

If you’d like more information as to where this Moon lands in your chart and what it is that is emphasized for you personally, do not hesitate to contact me