As the last of the three Super New Moons in a row rises setting into a dark sky, we reflect on the last two months and what has come to pass. The New Moon is always a time for release and this particular one I encourage a full release of the heaviness and tensions of your not so distant past and all those that tend to weigh you down. 

Lots has arised, so many layers of events and it is time to take with you the lessons, the growth and the enlightenment and let go of what isn’t giving you purpose and filling your souls.

We are in an extreme time of change, all that has risen and been brought to the forefront has been for a greater purpose. Take the lessons, the pain, the challenges, the serendipity and allow those events to guide you into the coming weeks, as we enter eclipse season. 

The New Moon in Scorpio will have piercing and passionate depth into your deeper self. This is a time of healing. You will have a greater disposition with acceptance of the truth and transparency of what’s been illuminated, eliminating deep emotional attachments. You will be driven to begin the things that give you the greatest desires and pleasures, pursuing self preservation. This is a period where you are shown how to use your energy and talents to meet your deepest desires.

 Scorpio is a water sign connecting itself to everything and making choices through its emotions, it feels its deep emotion through connections to others. You will have the desire to connect and bond with those you have not seen for a while, seeking to merge with others emotions, becoming one with everyone else. 

If you have the capacity to go deep within and clear all the noise of the distractions surrounding you, you will be able to better tap into your empathic and psychic self. Feeling all the feels and hearing the messages that can connect you deeper into the mysteries of your life journey, as well as,  guiding you to seek and find meaning moving to the light from the darkness, as Scopio invites you to do the shadow work. This can potentially transform you, showing you in what ways you can grow through deepening your own self knowledge. 

The New Moon is creating opportunities with Jupiter and Pluto. This is an opportune time for setting goals and starting new projects, as you have a deeper understanding of your inner motivations, giving you a desire to achieve your goals and improve your life. Spiritual growth  and opportunities can come through finance, business, education and travel potentially increasing wealth, prosperity and happiness. 

We also have the last of the three conjunctions with Jupiter and Pluto, the energies of the two planets rely on each other making this a potentially very transformative time. 

This New Moon has hopeful aspects of manifesting good fortune and success. This could be a time of prospective grand achievements that likely will make you happy and content well into the future.

Happy New Moon Blessings

As Above So Below

Ignite your Inner JOY

Connect with your SOL

Become the fullest expression of your VITALITY


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