As the crescent moon wanes and its light grows darker, you are reminded that all things end and with endings you have New beginnings. This week may feel like a chapter ending and you may feel the need to turn the page to begin a new chapter. This is a time to go within, connect to your depth and discover the truth of who you are, what you desire and be encouraged to lovingly nurture your growing vision. 

This Super New Moon fuses the Moon and the Sun energy in the loving sign of Libra.  This will be the second of three New Moon Super moons in a row, the first of which occurred on September 17th and the last taking place on November 15th. A Super moon is a new or full moon that occurs when the moon is within 90% of its closest approach to earth in its orbit, intensifying the energies. The Libra New Moon brings energies of harmony and peace. This initiating energy has a deep sense of beauty, fairness and morality.

Good questions to journal on this Libra New Moon will be What do you value? What is precious to you? What do you find beautiful? What is it worth? What attracts you to what or whom you want?

Along with this loving, sensual Libra energy we have the planet Mercury that went retrograde on October 13th. This retrograde has a deep flavor of nostalgia. It’s a great time to find inspiration from your past lessons and experiences and use this time to strategize about how to best achieve your goals moving forward. Self-awareness will help you turn this period into a fruitful moment of reflection that precedes renewal and healing.

This New Moon is contrasting with several challenging planets. 

Mars still in retrograde opposing the Moon and Sun brings an energy of aggression, impulsivity and irritability. Patience, truth and authenticity about your strong desires is the way to diffuse this intensity. Or you can use this energy to assert yourself to achieve your strongest desires. If you feel yourself holding tension in the body, exercise and sport will help release this tension. 

Saturn and Pluto squaring this New Moon, in other words, the Sun and Moon are challenging Saturn and Pluto and vis versa, bringing elements of difficulty in achieving goals potentially causing delays, restrictions and criticism. As well, conflict could arise leading to obsessions and/or extreme behaviors. Here, success can be found through working on the qualities of the planets. Meeting your responsibilities with patience, determination, persistence, and a strong work ethic, as well as, channeling some of these intense energies through your ambition and hard work and find the Libra energy of balance, peace and harmony. 

 This is a powerful and important New Moon that calls you deep into your heart where honesty, courage and cooperation with yourself and others can seed your next meaningful step forward. May your intentions bring you greater beauty, balance and harmony within that grows in all areas of your life.

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