The New Moon is a time for reflection on our old goals, as we move towards setting new ones and making our dreams a reality, creating miracles and opportunities. The Leo New Moon falls on August 18-19, and brings strong solar energy. While this is a New Moon and the night sky will be dark, we will be able to tune into our own inner Sun, self expression, inner light, identity, true essence and light up the parts of ourselves that have been hidden in the shadows. Our inner Sun reminds us of our vital force that drives us to seek the highest expression of our true self.

This powerful Leo New Moon generates a strong theme of leadership, but not in the conventional way, it asks us to move inward and cultivate setting high standards and courage for the greater good of self. Creating your own inner authority! Ask yourself « Can you be a leader in your own life? »

This is a raw positive, passionate and empowered energy that offers a sense of optimism and creativity. These are good questions to journal on this New Moon…

What’s my creative vision?

What is my purpose? 

What am I becoming?

How am I special? 

Setting a strong sense of integrity. Leo rules the heart and this new moon asks us to move forward from the “ME” to the “WE” towards a better world. It’s time to embody the fact that we are part of the greater collective, what we do, as self, has a ripple effect. « What is our greater purpose as part of the collective? »

The planet Mars is very active now and throughout the rest of this year. Currently, Mars is working with the energy of the dwarf planet Eris (Goddess of Discord and Strife), activating some tense fiery energy within  ourselves and through the collective. Mars is going to be triggering our energy levels and either wiping us out so we can get in balance, or boosting us up so we can get in balance. If we’re feeling tension and the potential for conflict… We can ask ourselves if there’s another, more productive way to channel our energy in the direction of what’s possible, instead of what is currently being proposed. 

And hopefully, that tension will simply propel you one step closer toward your dream.

Mars (God of War) is also squaring Saturn (God of the Harvest) and Pluto (Ruler of the Underworld) meaning there is challenging work ahead. It will be a significant part in producing the favored outcome. This potency has the power to raise things from the dark, so we may begin noticing or feeling this, especially on a global level. 

Following this New Moon, we may notice hidden information rising to the surface, or painful truths floating into our awareness. 

This August New Moon will activate a rising of darkness so it can be cleansed and released for good. Sometimes, the shadows have to be exposed before they can return to the light.

Sun trine Mars shows an easy flow of energy bringing strength, self-confidence, courage, and enthusiasm. It’s a time to use your initiative to get the ball rolling and tackle difficult tasks. This aspect brings about assertion and self-confidence with the right motives and integrity.

We also have Uranus (The Great Awakener) an electrifying planet in retrograde bringing innovation, unexpected change, and liberation on a collective level.

Lots of intensities moving forward, this is the beginning and we are in for a ride. Best time to start a meditation practice, follow me on social media, I will be offering many different live meditations.  More than ever it’s time to stand in your truth and follow your heart!

As above, so below…

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