As we closed out the year with the Full Moon energy in Cancer. I can’t help but feel like the illuminated Cancer energy fits like a glove. We have just birthed an entire New Era and this Full Moon that ended the year 2020 feels like the Mother energy that is going to nurture this new birthing. It truly feels like the phoenix rising from the ashes, a rebirth meeting with the nurturing Mother Moon in it’s own sign of Cancer.

We have moved into January a number 6 month in Numerology, this also fits the bill of service and responsibility to self. Our internal self care is what will ripple out into the world and heal all the erratic changes that the planets are bringing us. If we come from a place of service and responsibility to self we can only serve from a higher vibration. Energy flows where energy goes and since we have entered a year of CHANGE, this all begins within. We are collectively living a 5 Universal year, the number which brings us major change, innovation and freedom. If we are living in the low vibrations of the 5 energy we then choose to live in fear, thoughtlessness, losing faith in everything, bringing us into discontentment. 

We get to choose how we move forward and where we place our energy, thoughts and feelings. And I’m certainly not saying this first week of 2021 has been easy, because it certainly has not been. As well, according to the first half of the year, planetary aspects will continue to feel extremely intense. If you are at all like myself, an empath, it’s been heavy, anxiety filled and uncertain, that’s where my practice, my routines and rituals are gifts and where my yoga, the union of individual consciousness with that of the Universal Consciousness is challenged, yet this is where if my yoga is truly put into action and exercised I continue to thrive and that is what I am sending out into the world. What I am referring to is our free will, our practice off the mat, and where we place our energies. As above, so below, as within, so without could not currently be more suitable. 

On January 13th, we have the New Moon, new cycle, commencing. We will have the Moon and Sun both in Capricorn along with Pluto, one degree apart. These energies merge to create transformation of structures and strengthen our will to weather any storm that may arise along the way. Pluto reveals what may lay beneath the surface of your deepest desires, hopes and dreams, as well as fears. Capricorn is the symbol of success through integrity. Therefore, revealing your deepest truths and desires is what this New Moon is asking for, you may choose the later, your fears, but remember, as I stated before, energy grows where energy goes. What are you looking to cultivate in your life? It’s a great time to really start stepping into a higher version of yourself and start living as who you envision yourself to be. Capricorn thrives on hard work, structure, order and routine making this the ideal time to set the intentions of what your deepest desires are and embody them. 

Take time for reflection on what no longer aligns with your ideal life. Create a schedule that feels balanced and position it to reflect and complement your goals or aspirations, as well as your truths. The key energies of this New Moon in Capricorn are integrity, routine, and transformation. What transformation do you want to see in your life in 2021?

Want to know your personal year number, interested to know where this Moon lands in your chart and where your attention lies, do not hesitate to contact me