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This is the fifth consecutive New Moon at 23 degrees out of six – 23 is the Royal star of the Lion number, symbolizing Courage and Freedom. It is at the end of this 6 month cycle of New Moons at 23 degrees, late March, that we will feel the creation of a tremendous shift in consciousness, if you are not already feeling it. When we look at the root number of 23 we get 5 and five is open to the past and futur, but thrives in the Present. 

Mindfulness and grounding is a great/must practice to begin, or continue if we’re already practicing, especially with all this Air Energy! This is the element that connects all other elements. The element of Air gives us room to breathe, widens our lungs and opens our Soul to personal freedom. Air represents qualities of the mind, intellect, needing to think things through and growth. When the air element is in balance, it offers access to reason, learning, and discernment. When the air element is out of balance, it can lead to mental stagnation, dullness, fatigue, and stubbornness. It can also lead to over-thinking and excessive worry. Air is associated with masculine principles, therefore, connecting with our divine feminine energy can create true balance. We have a record six planets in Aquarius. This new Moon is as Air/Aquarius as it gets!

The planets Jupiter (expansion),  Saturn (structure), Mercury Retrograde (revision of focus), Venus (values), Sun (conscious mind), Moon (deep personal needs) all acting in the manner and essence of Aquarius and are fully available to us by making connections, expanding mentally, and creating Change (also representative of the number 5 energy).

Aquarius represents the people, Freedom is the keyword for this sign – individual freedom. The ability to choose our destiny, to take no direction from anyone. That means moving against conformity, old cultural paradigms and social programming.

More than anything, Aquarius wants to bring the light of wisdom to as many people as possible. This sign also represents humanitarianism, it’s a time for standing up for the deep personal needs and values of the people and animals. Aquarius is the electric insight to a greater knowledge and wisdom. This energy uses all it knows to create things around it, often receiving moments of pure inspiration.

The sweet spot this New Moon is Venus mingling energies with Jupiter.  A divine connection where the opportunity for expansion of love, romance, money, desired growth and abundant hope are strong possibilities.

The soul lesson is to discontinue with traditions that keep us shut off from ourselves and open our mind and heart to a new future established on our personal uniqueness standing true and strong within our shared humanity. This potent New Moon energy is all about hope, love, positivity, and looking towards a brand new, bright future. Aligning ourselves with that energy and doing all we can to nurture the things that enhance our life with possibility, positivity and progressive thinking.

New Moon Blessings!

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