New Moon in Cancer

A New moon represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, this New Moon on July 20, 2020, will be our second New moon in Cancer and the first “uneclipsed” New Moon in Cancer since 2017. Cancer is the sign of Mother energy, it represents the home, family, our emotional needs and instincts. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, therefore, it sits in its comfort zone making us receptive and connected to what is going on around us. It is drawing us inward to plant seeds of emotional content for what it is we want to flourish over the weeks ahead. This New Moon sits at 28 degrees of Cancer, initiating a change, it is moving quickly and very active, so even though it is not an eclipse it will have power behind it. The 28 degree that repeats itself during this New Moon added up equals = 1 which is the number of new beginnings and originality. It is the vibration of free will, individual pursuit, innovation, and genuine thinker—the original spark of creation. 1 represents courage, and enthusiasm.

We have an opposition to this New Moon/Sun in Cancer energy, Saturn/Capricorn at exactly 28 degrees. This energy can be represented as resistance of authority, it may feel like an exchange between parent/child. Yet, if we are very clear about what we want to do with what we know, then we may feel this energy as a path to sovereignty over our emotional needs. And remember this can sometimes be messy…

What are my limitations? What can I learn from them? How do I define this? What is my role in the world? And, What can, can’t and MUST I do? Are all questions to journal with this lunation. And here is the affirmation that may help guide you: I am at one with my mind, heart and soul. I magically create miraculous opportunities for me to accomplish anything!

The next aspect is of Mercury (now direct) squaring Chiron. Mercury is the planet that drives communication and Chiron is known as the wounded healer, but also as the Mentor, the teacher. This facet grants us the opportunity to forgive and to be forgiven. As well as, learn about our inner depth.

Last but not least, we have Mars in Aries, this placement usually lasts 6 weeks, but this next 6 month, we will be experiencing this fiery energy. It is here to energize and awaken humanity! Between now and the end of the year will be a time to choose empowerment and accelerate our awakening. The New Moon date has three 20’s in it, 20 is called “The Awakening” by the ancient Chaldean priests. This is a huge invitation to experience a powerful awakening, bringing a new purpose and new goals. This number also represents an element of divine protection. Be mindful of the shadow side of number 20, it is expressed when you are out of alignment. Watch for these clues: You are resentful, exhibit uncontrolled emotions, identify as being weak, are easily disillusioned, feel separate from the world, resist change, and are uncooperative or undiplomatic in your communication style. It can go one of two ways, either we choose anger, aggression and being impulsive (also out of alignment Mars in Aries)  or we move into the positive attributes of this energy. We find our courage, passion, resilience, sense of focus, sense of mission and our sense of self in an empowered way. Know who you are and what you can do to help the world. Ultimately, finding the hero within yourself! 

As Above, So Below

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