At 3:17am EST on February 27, 2021

This Full Moon in Virgo is opposite the Sun in Pisces both at 8 degrees and Saturn in Aquarius is also at 8 degrees. This triple 8 code represents Virgo’s deep rooted presence in the material world and it’s strong leadership with purpose. The Virgo-Pisces polarity has a lot to do with the need to reconcile the physical and the spiritual planes. This is seen in the 8 energy as it represents Divine Law “As Above, So Below.” 8 takes an idea from above and manifests it on the physical plane.

The Full Moon is a time for releasing and letting go. Virgo wants us to clear, organise and declutter our lives. It is the sign of personal transformation and governs our daily environment making it clear that our immediate spaces and what we surround ourselves with have a great impact on our lives. Being mindful of what kinds of trinkets and possessions we are keeping in our homes, what surrounds us will fill you with love , joy, gratitude and beauty. Therefore, allowing for the letting go of old attachments, things we’ve outgrown, and possessions of old identities that we may have exceeded that no longer fill us with exuberance. This also includes old patterns and thoughts that keep us stuck in our old ways.

Virgo is also asking us to commit to daily routines that inspire us, nurture us, and keep us healthy. It’s asking us to cultivate a positive relationship with our body and health, loving and respecting ourselves by paying attention to not only, what we consume, in terms of food, but also what we intake in terms of information, energies and emotions. It’s reminding us to honor our progress while inviting us to keep striving to become the best version of ourselves. Inspiring us to make the most out of any challenge and keep getting better, urging us to commit to seeing obstacles as stepping stones for deeper levels of self-mastery and self-knowledge.

The infamous energy of the year plays a big part in our Full Moon this month. This energy started on the 17 of February and continues to be very present for most of the year never getting too far from it’s close intimate orb. This is the aspect of Saturn in Aquarius challenging Uranus in Taurus. This creates conflict and tension between Saturnian limitations (Tamas) and Uranian unpredictability (Rajas) these differences also embody responsibility vs independence, stability vs change, duty vs freedom, traditional vs progressive, obedience vs rebellion, routine vs excitement, old vs new, and the past vs future.

These energies have a close resemblance to the Gunas described in the Bhagavad Gita, old yogic scripture. The Gunas are three qualities and modes of existence. When the gunas are imbalanced, the ability to realize the Self is lost and it becomes impossible to achieve oneness with the universe.

Rajas – taking things to the extreme (Uranus)

Tamas – restriction, limitation (Saturn)

Sattva – balance (finding harmony within and connecting to our intuition)

There is also a large number of planets in the sign of Aquarius which puts the focus on the nervous system and circulation. If we are looking to balance out all these energies and become Sattvic (balanced), moving ourselves out of stress and into a calm state will benefit us all immensely. Finding stillness and connecting into our intuition is what we are being called to do this year and you can attain this in all my yoga classes. This Moon is showing us the need to begin churning the soil and planting that seed for salvation.

There is a feeling of hope and optimism, Mercury having recently turned direct and moving into a shared space with Jupiter. Devising this as a highly auspicious transit. Making us all feel like things are finally moving in a positive direction.

This Full Moon in Virgo is ideal for making changes that are long overdue, for freeing yourself of burdens that are no longer your responsibility making room for exciting opportunities, positive change, greater independence, and freedom of choice.

Full Moon Blessings