Full moons are about giving your energy to positive influences in your life and omitting unwanted influences. It will bring aspects of your life that need work into light and you’re encouraged to deal with the changes that must be made. 

This particular Full Moon is our last SuperMoon of 2020 and it will be drawing you into the depth of your psyche. Much closer to the earth and mixed with Scorpion energy it may be extremely intense for some of us. This Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, a fixed water sign, meaning it is deeply rooted and set in it’s ways. Scorpio is incredibly passionate and emotional,  extremely psychic, and intuitive. Scorpios are exceptionally secretive and honest, but they don’t like to display any vulnerability, when in the full light of the moon they are uncomfortable. Secrets or deep truths at this time may be uncovered.Scorpio ruled by the planet Pluto gives us an energy of transformation for some deep processing and healing.

Sun (consciousness) and Mercury (communication) both in Taurus (practical) creates a very active mindspace and a focal point of our energy. Sun in opposition to the Full Moon in Scorpio (emotions, feelings) bringing a focus to how you really feel.This opposition may bring confusion between how you feel and what you think. Driving the mind and the heart in two different spaces. Setting the tone for transformation by bringing something you’ve been sitting with emotionally to light and raising you consciousness. It’s time to go deep and unravel intuitive emotional responses and claim your power in whichever house scorpio is in your natal chart. It’s time to balance your mind and be willing to tap into what you feel.

Moon (emotions) is trine (supported) Neptune (spirituality) This combined harmonious energy adds another layer of intuition and deeper understanding. It is essentially surrendering and letting go of something that has been yearning to be addressed. It invites all misunderstandings (if any) to come to light with compassion, compromise, forgiveness. Most importantly ensure your experiences in the next few days align with your values.

Mercury (communication) sextile (harmony) Neptune (spirituality) This positive combined energy reinforces this idea of having strong intuition and heightened psychic abilities. Spiritual information may come to you through dreams, meditation, or your spirit guides, these downloads will guide you through all your communications. Trusting this guidance will facilitate you in your relationships.

May this Full Moon bring light to the seeds you planted this previous New Moon, and flourish your intentions. If you’d like to know where this Full Moon lands in your chart and what it is highlighting. Do not hesitate to book some time with me for a reading.

Blessed be…