Welcome to Eclipse season! Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!

Sagittarius is known as the freedom seeker, and doubles up with Saturn (root chakra) in the same energy. Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius bringing to the table energies of restructuring Freedom and Liberation. Sagittarius allows us to see the big picture, it invites us to seek our deepest truth and with five planets in retrograde, soon to be six, we are encouraged strongly to revisit all unresolved matters, concerns and affairs around moral values, philosophies and vision. Full Moons are about releasing. They are the end of a cycle and motivate us to let go of what no longer serves us. It’s time to open your mind and get very emotionally honest, to awaken and remove idealism. Saturn (root chakra) also sits with Jupiter (sacral chakra) and Pluto  in retrograde sharing their energies. The emphasis here is awakening through disruption.Taking a step back and reflecting on our experiences. Jupiter (sacral chakra) is the planet of envisioning what’s possible. It drives us to search for more meaning and in retrograde summons us to reconnect to something larger than ourselves. Pluto is the planet of eliminating emotional attachments and is a catalyst for growth and transformation. It wants us to shed what is unnecessary and to totally transform. This purification process tends to bring light, for surrender of old forms to new ones. This Full Moon Eclipse, the first of three, is putting forth a big change. It is very clear that humanity and the greater collective is undergoing a major shift. 

Lunar Eclipse in Venus (heart chakra) is a time to be very mindful with finances and the potential for irresponsibility in love. Venus (heart chakra) in Retrograde also makes giving and receiving love and affection more difficult and can indicate financial stress. Watch for possible returns of old flames. Uranus planet of sudden change has an opportunity to work well with the energies of Mercury (throat chakra) planet of communication. Expressing ourselves by enforcing liberation and revolutionary change. 

We have a major T-Square at the exact same point representing three points and a release. The elements are balanced, we have air in Gemini, water in Pisces, and fire in Sagittarius.  The release point is in Virgo, the earth element. This tells me that it is dire to stay grounded at this time with an open heart, purity of thought, body and mind, as well as, connection to Mother Gaia. It is critical that we learn the difference between judgement and perception keeping criticism to a minimum. This Full Moon Eclipse Squares Mars (solar plexus chakra) energy which has a huge significance toward a drive to independence, pursuing self-preservation and self-determined action seeking oneness. As well as, Squares Neptune points to a time of fierce discussions about truth, error and frustration. 

In numerology this date June (6th month) 5, 2020 = 15. We also  have the Moon at 15° Sagittarius, Sun at 15° Gemini, Mars at 15° Gemini, this is representing our T-Square and sets a quadruple activation creating a strong foundation for the meaning of the number 15 to integrate and take root. 15 is the vibration of the “Spiritual Alchemist” creating a profound harmonizing energy bringing light into the dark. 

Full moon Blessings!

And so it is…