Full Moon in Pisces September 2, 2020

Corn Full Moon, in the sign of Pisces, is coming up on Tuesday in the Northern Hemisphere.The Full Moon indicates a completion or a closure in the area of life in your chart where Pisces falls. It can also be a time of revelations, as the light of the full Moon shines its light in dark corners, and Pisces is the sign of secrets, dreams, and unresolved things allowing much to be exposed. The Sun in Virgo will result in clarity and the truth will be more and more exposed. We are going through a spiritual rebirth and lots of healing.

”The truth will set us Free”.

Pisces is the dreamer, and the most sensitive and compassionate sign of the zodiac expect emotions to be at an all time high. How you can deal with all this intensity is to cultivate it and touch base with your highly intuitive self, Pisces is the sign of Divine guidance: lose yourself and escape reality in a creative project, or allow your practice to merge you with all that is, seek oneness. Sit in the light of the moon, be the dreamy Piscian. There will be no boundaries here in your creative imagination and expression. Your imagination will be limitless as you explore the unseen, new dimension, timelessness and unity.

Uranus creates a dynamic highly optimistic exact triangle of breakthroughs and freedom and awakening with the Full Moon (Sun and Moon/Third eye/intuition) they are all at 10 degrees, igniting a 10-10-10 code in numerology of manifestations, ideas, thoughts, goals, and emotions. This code adds an element of divine protection and new beginnings. It’s a great time to dedicate space in your life to creating love and light in all ways, allowing you to manifest magical outcomes. This energy is somewhat repeated with another highly positive triangle of Mercury (communication/throat Chakra) Saturn (purpose/root Chakra) and Venus (value/heart Chakra) motivating communication of values and purpose.

Venus is in opposition with Pluto and Saturn and forms a T square with Mars. This ensures we feel pressured to embrace regeneration, new directions and abundance.

Mars is going retrograde in Aries on September 9 for 2.5 months and due to this, Mars is much closer to the earth, we feel the energies and the heat a lot more powerfully. This will be felt intensely by some and others may be more tired than usual. The  Aries energy is about impulsivity, aggression, and assertion. How to deal with this extreme energy and impulse is to turn it inward into courage, inner power, essentially a hero energy, which makes it much more useful. Try not to express it in an outer scattered way and try to turn it inwards into a clear sense of self and sovereignty. Mars will stay in retrograde until November 13th.

Happy Dreamy Full Moon!

As Above, so Below!

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