Aquarius season is now fully upon us and I am confident that we are feeling the energies strongly. It’s been a very intensive month, there’s no denying it and this lunation is no different, the intensities are strong and feeling all of our emotions here is encouraged. This is our first Full Moon of 2021. Whatever has been laying below the surface and avoided may come up during this lunation. 

The invitation is to clear our mind and feel our heart space. What no longer feels exciting and may be looming is what we may want to consider releasing and letting go to clear the path to our truth. There is a rebirth of Jupiter energy as it unites the Sun. Jupiter is our Guru representing unity and cosmic order seeking a sense of cohesion, beauty and truth. Its desires are to break down the barriers of our lives or acknowledge what’s already fallen and make adjustments to restore, recreate, bring balance, order and harmony.

This is also witnessed in the numerology of this lunation the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are all at 9 degrees the number of Unconditional Love attuned to brotherly/sisterly love, and the universal truth that WE are all ONE. If we are not living our integrity and in ego we may find ourselves being over emotional, pessimistic about the world and maybe our future, indifference and depression may also be experienced. I invite us to connect with nature, meditate, do some breath work, chant AUM or whatever it is we resonate with, connect with our Higher Self, Divinity, the Universe, feel the power of being part of the greater Collective. This will ignite the fire that’s being felt and encourage the healing that Saturn and Chiron harmonising together is creating. 

Venus and Pluto are also mingling, igniting our passions in love and/or career. Leo enhances love and romance, creativity, generosity, celebration, our inner child, fun, play, dignity and determination. The number 9 and Leo represent self expression and creativity. These are great ideas to immerse ourselves into, to gain great expansion of the self, fearlessly exploring all that inspires us. 

The Aquarian energy asks us to dedicate our life to finding the truth and making this our pledge of loyalty to ourselves, the collective and to the environment. We will feel best when we are uncompromised in our self expression, willing to explore our inner genius and to go to the far edges of reality seeing the world in a brand new way. As Mercury, in a few days,  makes its first retrograde through Aquarius, it’s a good time to keep in mind this is a time to invite all these energies and review, revisit, reclaim all that we are to the depth of our sovereign self expressive truth. 

 As above, So below

As within, So without

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