The Chakra system is over three thousand years old with roots in several cultures. Today it is more universally accepted. It is a fantastic way to begin understanding the life force energy within. The system is very complex; however, it can be greatly simplified and still be a very effective system in which to work the energy. There are seven primary chakras and three lesser known chakras that will not be identified here. With a little knowledge, the work within these seven chakras can be extremely empowering, profound, and life changing.
Each of these energy centers holds an energy intelligence that supports and influences specific aspects of the body – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In fact, many of our most challenging emotions- fear, guilt, and shame- have a strong hold on our energy system, often dating back as far as childhood, and until we work with them on an energetic level, they will continue to affect our health and happiness. Although each chakra is individual each one is a part of a greater whole of a complex energy system. Therefore, when one aspect is out of alignment, if left unattended, the result will be imbalance in another area. The chakra system is a profound map for the journey of personal growth. When properly aligned and activated these energy centers can supercharge your body by revitalizing life force energy. And when you bring together your ability to harness life force energy with an understanding of the chakra system, you are supercharged to free yourself from limitations and become the full expression of who you really are – healthy, joyful, vibrant, energized and inspired.

The 1st Chakra – Root Chakra – Muladhara

The Sanskrit name of this chakra comes from the words Mula, meaning “root” and Dhara meaning “support”. The root chakra is the first chakra and is depicted by a red lotus with four petals .This is the foundation of our chakra system and where our survival-instincts and basic needs are housed. It is located right at the base of the spine. We are grounded to the earth through our root chakra which also provides the foundation for the entire chakra system. This chakra is indicative of your relationship with yourself and the physical life that you create for yourself. Through our feet we draw up earth energy into our chakra system (beginning with the root chakra). Grounding is the main function of the first chakra and when we are truly grounded we are one with the earth and the entire chakra system should be in alignment. The root chakra also serves to return negative energies that we are carrying with us back into the earth. When the chakra system is out of balance, these energies will have a hard time exiting our bodies and recycling back into the earth as intended. The root chakra is connected to the element of Earth and to the planet, Saturn. The seed sound of the root chakra is “LAM” and the musical note it is associated with is “C”.

When your 1st chakra overactive

The overactive root chakra will cause problems like anxiety and nervousness. This occurrence is because fear is based out of the need to survive. Fear’s role is to keep us alive.
Therefore, an overactive root chakra will put us in a survival mode, even when no real threat is there; resulting in possible anxiety problems. Physically, you may experience symptoms of digestive problems, lower back issues, hip pain, and ovarian cysts in women or prostate issues in men.

How to balance your 1st chakra

Firstly, it’s important to take care of your survival needs first. This chakra will give you the energy to do that, so utilize that energy to the best of your ability.
Secondly, relax this chakra by focusing on your connection to spirit. Take time each day to nurture your soul by praying, meditating or connecting to spirit guides.
Volunteering and acts of kindness and compassion can guide overactive energy away from your root chakra and into other energy centers in your body.

When the 1st chakra underactive

If your survival needs have generally been taken care of, it’s possible that this chakra may not have been very active throughout your life.
If that’s the case, you may experience frequent day dreaming, trouble concentrating or simply feeling like your “head’s in the clouds.” People may suggest you appear “airheaded” or “spacey.”
These may not seem like a major issue, but being balanced and connected is very important.

Energize your 1st chakra

If you find yourself disconnected from material existence, your 1st chakra may need to be energize.
You can do this with reconnecting to the earth by being out in nature. Gardening, swimming or even playing in the leaves can charge up your root chakra.

Essential oils for you 1st chakra

Myrrh, Patchouli, Vetiver, Rosewood, Thyme, Frankincense, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Balance

The 2nd chakra – Sacral Chakra – Svadhishana

The Sanskrit name of this chakra translates to “the place of the self”. The sacral chakra is
the second chakra and is depicted by an orange lotus with six petals. This is one of the physical chakras of the system and where our emotion, passion, and creativity are housed. It is located between the pubic bone and belly button. Coming off of the root chakra, which represents our relationship with ourselves, the sacral chakra extends our energy to our relationship with others. In females, and those with feminine energy, this chakra rotates in the clockwise or open direction indicating openness to and craving for relationships with others. Just as water ebbs and flows, so do our emotions. The sacral chakra is the hot spot for our emotions and when this chakra is not in alignment we may find ourselves riding an emotional roller coaster or experiencing emotions outside of our norm. We see physical manifestations of the state of our sacral chakra through our creativity and friendships. If you are lacking in either of these areas, then this is definitely a chakra worthy of your attention! The sacral chakra is connected to the element Water and to the planet, Jupiter. The seed sound of the root chakra is “VAM” and the musical note it is associated with is “D”.

When the 2nd chakra is overactive

The sacral chakra is often overactive when we face things like addiction and over eating. Pleasure is a good thing, don’t ever feel guilty for enjoying the good things life has to offer.
However, if you find yourself enjoying things that aren’t nourishing for your soul or healthy for you, then your sacral chakra is likely out of balance.
Symptoms include addiction, obesity, hormone imbalances and restlessness.

How to balance your 2nd chakra

To balance your 2nd chakra, it’s helpful to distribute the energy from pleasure into your heart, as well.
You can do this by asking yourself a few simple questions before each action you take. For example: “Is what I am about to do good, healthy and nourishing for me? Are their benefits of the action I’m about to take? ”
Taking time to assess whether your actions are healthy is a great way to flow energy away from this chakra.

When the 2nd chakra is underactive

If you’ve spent a lot of time focusing on practicality without enjoying the fruits of your labor, the sacral chakra may be underactive. Symptoms of this can include depression, impotence, decreased sex drive, a lack of passion and creativity.

How to energize your 2nd chakra

Energizing your 2nd chakra can be a lot of fun. Simply, enjoy life! Be creative, paint, draw. Eat something healthy and enjoyable. Make love to your partner.
Take time for yourself and enjoy the incredible gifts the Earth has to offer you.

Essential oils for you 2nd chakra

Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, Ginger, Clary Sage, Fennel, Cardamom, Cleansing Blend, Invigorating Blend

The 3rd chakra – Solar Plexus – Manipura

The solar plexus chakra is located between your navel and your sternum. This is the FIRE center of the body! As one of the three physical chakras, it is associated with the way that we present ourselves to the world. Also known as “The Power Chakra”, the solar plexus is associated with the sun and is where our inner fire burns. The solar plexus is literally the energetic representation of the sun within the body. The fire that burns here can be used to burn away anything in your path! This is also the energy center of the nadis, all of those little energy movers within the body. The seed sound of the solar plexus is “RAM”, the musical note it is associated with is “E”, and the sense is sight. Both the sun and Mars correspond to the solar plexus chakra. The sun makes perfect sense for the solar plexus because just as the sun is the source of light in our universe, the solar plexus really is the source of our personal light. Mars is associated with warriors and the idea of responding to challenges with inner strength. The solar plexus is really a very powerful energy center!

When the 3rd chakra is overactive

The solar plexus chakra becomes overactive when the power we have over our own lives interferes with the lives of others. When this chakra is too energized, you may feel quick to anger, the need to control and micromanage, greediness and a lack of compassion or empathy.
You may suffer from digestive issues or even possible imbalances in your internal organs like the appendix, pancreas, liver and kidneys.

How to balance your 3rd chakra

To balance your 3rd chakra, practice opening up your heart chakra with love and compassion. Meditate on sending love and kindness from your heart to all those around you. Refocus the power you have and envision yourself as a emblem of love.

When the 3rd chakra is underactive

When we are powerless over others or through extenuating circumstances, we may lack energy in our 3rd chakra. This may cause us to feel indecisive, insecure, timid and needy.

How to energize your 3rd chakra

To energize your Solar Plexus, think and do the things that you know you’re good at. Everyone has talents, abilities, and gifts.
Journal your list of abilities. Feel the excitement you get from the confidence and vibration of those talents and gifts. Empower your feelings by creating your own personal affirmations.

Essential oils for you 3nd chakra

Juniper, Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Hyssop, Marjoram, Cardamom, Lemon, Grapefruit, Vetiver, Digestive Blend

The 4th chakra – Heart – Anahata

The heart chakra is the center point of the chakra system and acts as the bridge between the physical and spiritual chakras. Located right at the heart center, it is representative of air, unconditional love, and the sense of touch. When our heart is not open to receiving or giving unconditional love, our energetic system is essentially unable to pump to energy throughout the entire system. Think about the heart chakra much like the heart itself. The heart pumps blood throughout the body and the heart chakra pumps unconditional love energy throughout the chakra system! Because the heart chakra is right in the middle of the physical and spiritual chakras, it is associated with duality. Doing heart chakra work is a great time to explore this aspect of your life. Balancing unconditional love for you and unconditional love for others is the perfect place to start. How do you love yourself while also supporting and showing love for others in your life? The vibrational sound for the heart chakra is the note of “F” and the seed sound is “YAM”. It is governed by Venus and its element is Air.

When the 4th chakra is overactive

When the heart chakra becomes overactive, we tend to distort personal boundaries and make unhealthy choices, all in the name of love.
Treat yourself with the same compassion and kindness that you would give others, but if the heart chakra is overactive, you may always be putting the needs of others before yours.
You may experience a fast heart rate, palpitations, heart burn and interpersonal relationship issues.

How to balance your 4th chakra

Balancing your 4th chakra entails taking that love you’ve given to others and focusing s it back on yourself. You can do this by doing one thing every day that’s just for you:
Take a relaxing bath. Treat yourself to a massage. Meditate. Go for a walk in nature. Yoga.

When the 4th chakra is underactive

Many people have an underactive 4th chakra as life can send us a lot of heartbreak. This could be a way for the universe to teach us lessons about ourselves and the world around us. It is not always easy to not take those lessons personally.
If your heart chakra is underactive, it will feel like it’s difficult to get close to people.
It could feel like you’re building a wall around your heart and not letting anyone in. Physically, you may not be in tune with your body and suffer from circulation problems.

How to energize your 4th chakra

Energizing your heart chakra may feel like a lot of work.
Many of us build up walls and defenses, and it isn’t always easy to knock them down. It truly begins by loving yourself.
Self-appreciation and self-love first, will show others how to treat you. Then, spread love and compassion to those around you.

Essential oils for you 4th chakra

Geranium,Rose, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Mandarin, Jasmine, Lavender, Breathe

The 5th Chakra – Throat – Vishuddha

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra in the system and is typically represented with a turquoise symbol with 16 lotus petals. This chakra is associated with the element of Ether, or space, which represents all sound vibrations. Here we find that we are able to connect with all that truly resonates with us. When something truly resonates with us, you are operating on the same vibrational level as that thing or person. But, before something can truly resonate with you, you must first resonate with yourself! Opening up your throat chakra is a great step on this journey. The throat chakra is all about communication; communication with others and with ourselves. It is also about living our truth! When we are hiding portions of ourselves or are afraid of being who we truly are, we are not communicating honestly with ourselves or those around us and will not have throat chakras that are in alignment. The musical note associated with the throat chakra is “G” and the seed sound is “HAM”. This chakra is associated with the planet, Mercury.

When the 5th chakra is overactive

Our 5th chakra becomes overactive when we’ve spent a lot of time trying to make our voice heard.
If you’ve often felt ignored or invalidated when you express yourself, you may have tried to overcome this by giving yourself a louder voice.
Those with overactive throat chakras will often interrupt others, often be told they have a loud voice or “love to hear themselves talk.” Physically, you may suffer from throat pain, frequent infections, cavities or mouth ulcers.

How to balance your 5th chakra

Balancing your 5th chakra can be very simple: think before you speak.
Let’s learn from Buddha, before you speak, ask yourself: “Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?”

When the 5th chakra is underactive

Possibly, we have been ignored and invalidated ourselves to the point where we react in an opposite way – we never speak our truth.
If your throat chakra underactive, you have likely been characterized as shy or quiet. It may be difficult for you to express your emotions or you may struggle for words when you attempt to speak your truth.
Physical symptoms could include digestive issues, due to energy redirected from the throat chakra. This energy ends up being “swallowed” or redirected down to the 3rd chakra.

How to energize your 5th chakra

Speak your truth!
You could start when you are alone, practice expressing your feelings and truths.
It’s a misconception to think that we should only speak when someone else is there to hear it, but if you’re energizing your third chakra, it doesn’t matter if it’s received by any other ear than your own.

Essential oils for you 5th chakra

Blue Chamomile, Myrrh, Cypress, Basil, Hyssop, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Women’s Blend

The 6th Chakra – The Third Eye – Ajna

The third eye chakra, also known as the brow chakra, is typically represented by two lotus petals, each with 48 vibrational energies. As the sixth chakra, it is located right between the eyebrows and is associated with our subconscious and conscious thoughts. It is where we are able to generate clear thoughts yet still dive in to self-reflection and spiritual contemplation. This chakra is most commonly associated with the planet, Neptune, but is sometimes associated with Sun and the Moon. Neptune is thought to be the soul and consciousness center of the universe which is why it is associated with the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is aligned with the musical note “A” and the seed sound “OM”. It is associated with the element of Light and “Mahatattva” which is Sanskrit for Greatness, but also with all of the elements as this is a spiritual chakra. The third eye chakra is aligned with the sense of intuition and of the mind. The most important piece of information that we learn from the third eye chakra is that we must honor our spiritual nature in order to avoid blockages here that inhibit our ability to really listen to ourselves.

When the 6th chakra is overactive

It is very unlikely your 6th chakra is overactive.
Most of us are in tune with our physical reality and have a difficult time receiving information outside of it.
Although there are always exceptions to every rule, you may have an overactive third eye. Most likely would be spending most of your time engrossed in psychic activities like tarot card readings, astrology and paranormal experiences.
When your 3rd chakra is overactive, these activities can become overwhelming and distract you from living a human experience.

How to balance your 6th chakra

If you find yourself consumed with psychic information, always take time to remind yourself that you are a creature of the Earth having a human experience.
Go to the beach, do some grounding and feel the sand on your toes. Dig them in the dirt in your garden. Connect your body to Earth and repeat:
“I am a soul having a human experience.”

When the 6th chakra is underactive

Most people have an underactive 6th chakra.
We live in a world that doesn’t validate intuitive development.
Therefore, we tend to close our Third Eye and disregard our own psychic experiences. This can cause us to feel disconnected from spiritual experiences. We may experience headaches or have problems with allergies and our sinuses.

How to energize your 6th chakra

Energizing your third eye will take some practice. You’ll need to devote some time to going within, solitary meditation. At first, get accustomed to the feeling of focusing on signals outside of your physical body.
Over time, with a meditation practice you’ll learn to listen to your spirit and recognize how that feels. As you practice this, you’ll find it more ease in connecting with the energy from your Third Eye.

Essential oils for you 6th chakra

Rosemary, Juniper, Lemon, Pine, Helichrysum, Thyme, Clary Sage, Calming Blend and Repellent Blend

The 7th Chakra – Crown – Sahaswara

The crown chakra is located right at the top of your head and is represented by a white or violet lotus with 1,000 petals. This is where our connection to Source and Spirit is. This connection makes it possible for us to experience divine peace and joy. This is also where the divine energy enters that brings awareness to the lower chakras. The more that we are able to open up the crown chakra, the more evolved we are able to become as conscious beings. The crown chakra represents thought, consciousness, information, and intelligence. Here, we take in information that we learn and experience and create context for it that helps us to understand our own existence. The thoughts that we experience here create our belief system and perception of the world around us. If we have experienced trauma in our lives, than we will operate from a place off ear and mistrust. Likewise, if we have experienced love and connection, we will operate from a place of safety and confidence. The musical note associated with the crown chakra is “B” and the seed sound is “OM”. The planets that the crown chakra is most commonly associated with are Uranus, Jupiter, and the Universe as a whole. It is associated with the element of thought, or, emptiness. The sense most commonly worked with in conjunction to the crown chakra is the sense of enlightenment.

When the 7th chakra is overactive

It’s not possible to have an overactive crown chakra.
Because it is the seat of universal energy, it is innately infinite. In other words, you can’t exist in the material world and be overcome with consciousness energy.

How to balance your 7th chakra

Since no one has an overactive crown chakra, there’s no need to consider how to calm the energy down.

When the 7th chakra is underactive

An underactive 7th chakra means you’re human.It feels exactly like what you experience being a human. Some people may be closer to achieving it, while others may be further away. Practicing spiritual development and balancing all your chakras will bring your closer to experiencing the consciousness energy in your crown chakra.

How to energize your 7th chakra

Instead of attempting to open up and activate your crown chakra, the focus needs to be on balancing the other six chakras.
Meditate, connect with spirit and balance the activities that come with living and enjoying your human experience.
Think of it like trying to win an Olympic gold medal. You don’t just try to win the medal; you train the body and mind first. The only way to achieve such a huge goal is to focus on small, attainable goals first.
The same goes for trying to open your crown chakra. Don’t just attempt it; focus on maintaining and balancing all the other energies in your body.

Essential oils for you 7th chakra

Frankincense, Rosewood, Jasmine Rose, Neroli, Joyful Blend

Get your chakras balanced today!