Full Moon In Sagittarius


Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius May 26, 2021 We are once again reminded of this year's theme of Change and Freedom with the Moon and Sun at 5 degrees. Eclipses generally represent revelations and we are in the 5th month. What may be revealed may end a karmic cycle.  We have the largest Super [...]

Full Moon In Sagittarius2021-05-25T21:23:24-04:00

New Moon in Taurus May 11, 2021


Art by @jensfineart New Moon in Taurus ♉️ blessings! This Moon 🌚 comes with the number 11 energy. Our South Node(who we are ancestrally) and our North Node (what we want to grow into for liberation) are at 11 degrees, as well as, Mars (our desire/drive), therefore it is safe to say you will [...]

New Moon in Taurus May 11, 20212021-05-17T23:52:06-04:00

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