Week of Feb 23 – March 2/22 Astro Forecast


Good Day Cosmic Hearts 🤍, We are now in Pisces season.  Happy Birthday Pisces!  The energies have shifted from our intellectual mind into our intuition, motivating us into the depths of our feelings and connecting us into our more intuitive self. The month ahead calls us to progress into a more present, mindful space, [...]

Week of Feb 23 – March 2/22 Astro Forecast2022-02-23T11:20:10-05:00

Navigating the waves of the Month


New Moon in Scorpio @ 12° Navigating the waves of the Month We are well under way into our scorpionic flavors and into the energies of this eclipse season. We have all had a tremendous year in the way of our lives review and sudden changes and shifts. This month is no different. This [...]

Navigating the waves of the Month2021-11-03T14:38:05-04:00

Reflective Path to Our Truth


Inner Truth and Integrity Happy Full Moon in Aries @ 27° The Full Moon energy is a culmination of what we set intentions for on the previous New Moon, in this case it was in Libra, but it can also be the culmination of the last New Moon in the exact same sign, which in [...]

Reflective Path to Our Truth2021-10-20T09:53:00-04:00

New Moon in Aries April 11, 2021


New Moon in Aries April 11, 2021 How will you be harnessing and cultivating your fire? Sun and Moon at 22­° in the sign of Aries. In numerology, the number 22 represents the Archetype of Peace, invoking this necessary energy. It is a particularly good time to dive into making a change or to [...]

New Moon in Aries April 11, 20212021-04-10T15:32:28-04:00

New Moon in Pisces March 13th, 2021


Melanie Dretvic on Unsplash We all started a story 6 months ago on October 16th, 2020,  the New Moon that day was at 23°. As 23 added together equals  five and 2021 added together, also equals 5 in numerology the number 5 is the number of CHANGE and 23 is the number of LIFE. [...]

New Moon in Pisces March 13th, 20212021-03-30T15:05:33-04:00

Full Moon in Leo On Thursday January 28th, 2021


Aquarius season is now fully upon us and I am confident that we are feeling the energies strongly. It’s been a very intensive month, there's no denying it and this lunation is no different, the intensities are strong and feeling all of our emotions here is encouraged. This is our first Full Moon of [...]

Full Moon in Leo On Thursday January 28th, 20212021-03-30T15:10:05-04:00



We are in a time of great transition. Last week we had a Total Solar eclipse in Sagittarius, Saturn moved into Aquarius, followed by Jupiter and today, we have Saturn and Jupiter meeting at less than a degree apart from our perspective on earth. It is forming what everyone is calling the Christmas Star [...]

THE GREAT CONJUNCTION2021-03-30T15:11:23-04:00



NEW MOON IN SCORPIO NOVEMBER 2020 As the last of the three Super New Moons in a row rises setting into a dark sky, we reflect on the last two months and what has come to pass. The New Moon is always a time for release and this particular one I encourage a full [...]

NEW MOON IN SCORPIO NOVEMBER 20202021-03-30T15:14:05-04:00



Full Moon in Pisces September 2, 2020 Corn Full Moon, in the sign of Pisces, is coming up on Tuesday in the Northern Hemisphere.The Full Moon indicates a completion or a closure in the area of life in your chart where Pisces falls. It can also be a time of revelations, as the light [...]

FULL MOON IN PISCES SEPTEMBER 2, 20202021-03-30T15:16:31-04:00

Meditation and its Hindrances


Have you ever tried meditating and your head was so full of thoughts and chaos that it had a reverse effect? Instead of relaxation, it made you even more stressed out and more annoyed, almost angry? And as much as you tried (because you wanted to be successful), it was more trouble than it [...]

Meditation and its Hindrances2021-03-30T15:26:22-04:00


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