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Crystal Reiki


Crystal Reiki


Healing with Crystals

Crystal Reiki is the placing of crystals and stones on and around the body.

During a session, the client lays down on a massage table and healing crystals are placed on and around their body. In cases where the client is uncomfortable with touch, the clients might place the crystals themselves making it a non-contact therapy.

The combination of the Reiki and crystals is powerful because the layering up of different energies enhances the effectiveness of the treatment.

The objective is the re-alignment of your own energetic frequencies and/or the removal of energetic and emotional blocks.
Just as we take care of our physical body to support our health, our energetic hygiene is an important part of our integral health and wellbeing. When we maintain a balanced and free flow of energy, this results in better health in both, the physical and emotional areas.

Crystal Reiki can help us heal all kinds of issues such as pain and chronic illnesses, emotional and psycho-spiritual challenges, toxin release; it can help us enhance mental clarity and focus. Crystal Reiki supports and enhances self-awareness and mindfulness.

The crystals chosen for you during the session will entrain your energy and help it resonate at the same level of your goals, there for making you a match to what you want, clearing your chakras and realigning energies for your highest wellbeing.

  • Tailored to meet your individual needs

  • Enhances meditation and journey work

  • Promotes communication and awareness

  • Encourages self-love and personal healing

  • Reduces stress and encourages relaxation

  • Balances mind, body, spirit and emotions

  • Treats physical discomfort and symptoms of dis-ease

  • Patience

  • Free the mind of inner chatter and self-doubt

  • More tranquil and calm

  • Improves depression

  • Lowers blood pressure

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