Happy Summer Solstice! And New Moon Eclipse in Cancer!

We are now into the second eclipse of three, this eclipse is what we call an annular eclipse, meaning that the circumference of the moon doesn’t quite fit the sun leaving a ring of light. It is referred to as the ”ring of fire”. This can be witnessed in Central Africa, the middle east and Asia.

This eclipse in comparison to the one at the beginning of the month, has a very different quality to it. It occurs only a few hours after the solstice and because of its placement and time frame we are feeling its energy in an astronomical way. We could say this is the most important solar eclipse of the year. It is at a closer access to the lunar node that has recently moved into Gemini and will be here for the next 18 months, until 2022. Therefore, it is a North node eclipse which allows for us to rewrite the script of our destiny, anything is possible! I strongly encourage us to start asking questions, to learn how others think and invite you to start seeing both sides of situations by listening intently. It is a great time to have a positive approach to life and other people, as well as, lifting others up. Seeking factual information before making decisions, with logic, tact and healthy curiosity. We need to have an openness to new ideas and experiences using a non threatening approach when expressing ideas. This will help uncover truths, gifts and talents and help us all move forward in a mindful productive way.

It is important to note that we are also still in the retrograde season moving us into a slow review. Where we now have five planets appearing to go backwards (they aren’t really, it’s an illusion). The newest retrograde planet is Mercury, planet of communication, thoughts and intellect. It is also the ruling planet of Gemini, increasing the potency of this North Node Eclipse.

We have a couple of distinctive aspects creating imbalances, Mars is squaring the eclipse of the new moon bringing fire and drive to our emotions and our self expression, it is detrimental to keep ourselves emotionally in check, as well as, connected to our truth, essence, intuition and not being driven by reaction. The second difficult aspect is Solar eclipse quincunx Saturn, we may feel torn between what we want to do and what we have to do. We may be experiencing our freedom or self expression held back by restrictions and obligations.We will need flexibility, adaptability and an open mind to adjust, as there may be more or less responsibility ahead or barriers moving forward. Hard work, patience and self discipline are key here.

Renewal of energy, a new force, a new alignment between the divine feminine (13) and masculine (Father’s day) a sense of a reunion as we embark on a fresh new start. The date June 21, 2020 added up equals number 13 (divine feminine) the root of this is 4, inviting us to keep ourselves rooted, grounded and stable. This brings us to the last influence of this New moon in Cancer. The number four has the same energy as the sign Cancer. Cancer is most comfortable at home ensuring the foundation of its shelter is sturdy and safe. This is a changeable (mutable) water (emotional) sign and is ruled by the Moon. The invitation is to get your household in order, do your housekeeping. You will be feeling all the emotions and more, yet in order to get on top of these challenging energies, one must stay non reactive and calm. Try walking sideways (meditation) like the crab, it may allow you space and time to assess your environment, take strategic risks and still get safely to your destination.  

Here are some questions to journal on: What are my needs? Who is my family? Can my needs be met in the world? What is happening around me? And, How is it all connected? Once you’ve contemplated and journalled, set your intentions with the mindset of new beginnings. Create ritual, prayer and allow for the magic to come to fruition. 

Blessed be…

And so it is…

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