10 Steps to Wellness

Living a healthier life will not only extend your life but will also allow for quality of life. I define Wellness as an active state of bettering, or at least maintaining, one’s own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Physical health is represented by the physical body, the Earth element. It is your connection to all things earthly, what you value, how you serve and how you lead. 

Mental health is represented by the Mind, the Air element. It is your knowledge, wisdom, personality, soul balance and your communication to the world.

Emotional health is represented by your feelings, the Water element. It is your connection to all things emotional, how you dream, believe, and seek depth.  

Spiritual health is represented by your inner light, the Fire element. It is what drives you, your ambition, your heart of fire, and your greater understanding of inner truth.  

I am sharing with you one of my templates I have created in my wellness/spiritual coaching practice that will help you with steps to follow. It is a guideline that will enhance and balance your life. 


Gratitude is contagious and can change your life. When the focus is on what it is you have rather than what you don’t, this tends to make you fully present, it allows you to simply just stop and pay attention to the simplistic beauty and miracle of life. When you are connected to this simplicity you are more connected to self and intuition. Bringing your knowing into sharp focus. We are all intuitive, set your intentions and be mindful, listen. This is the voice you want to listen to, this is the voice of your soul.

Food for the Soul

Meditation is a practice and with it comes an amazing sense of mindfulness and presence. It creates inner peace and joy, allowing you to deeply connect with your essence and inner light. It’s your soul work. There are many different forms, find the one that aligns with you and practice daily. Even 5 minutes a day has been proven to work. 


For the body to be at its optimum health, the body needs to move. There are many different forms of exercises, Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Swimming, Zumba, Bootcamp, Running, Weight bearing, and Martial Arts and other sports… We definitely have a lot to choose from and depending on your personality you may prefer one over the other. So choose the one that you love and start moving. 


Touch therapy has been scientifically proven to enhance health and heal. All sentient beings need touch to thrive, and there are plenty of therapies one can take part in. Some examples are Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Body Massage (many different types), Essential Oil Therapies, Therapeutic Touch, Body Scrubs, and many more. A regular scheduled appointment will ensure you the self care you deserve to thrive.

Energy Work

We are composed of energy and matter. About 99 percent of your body is made up of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. The human body produces complex electrical activity in several different types of cells, including neurons, endocrine, and muscle cells. As all electricity does, this activity also creates a magnetic field. So it is imperative to keep this magnetic field vibrating high and to alleviate blocked energies. Many therapies include Reiki, Axiotonal alignment, Bars Therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chakra alignment… Allow for accountability by having these therapies pre booked.


Intestinal Balance

Your body is your Temple! What you put into it is going to determine your energy levels. It is said that the belly and the brain are connected, therefore when digestion is sluggish the brain is not functioning at capacity. A great map to follow is to eat every color of the rainbow on a daily basis.  Eating clean doesn’t just mean healthy food, we have to also consider what we are putting into our body energetically, think about where the food came from and how it was cultivated and raised. As well as, food combining. This makes all the difference, remember we are energetic beings. You are what you eat. The right food is vital!

Non Toxic Living

We are of the earth! It is important to know that the skin is one of the largest organs of the body, it is very porous and it’s absorption rate is very quick. Toxic chemicals are found in the bloodstream and the limbic system when used.  We do not have control over environmental threats, but we have ultimate control of what we choose to use on our skin and in our homes. Use non toxic products, it is so easy to make your own home cleaning product, as well as, natural creams and body care products.  

Self Care

Following this guide is a great start to your self care regime. Rest is important to keep the body in a parasympathetic state. When well rested our body, mind and spirit is in it’s ultimate state of function. I’d like to include laughter, it decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.  Laughter triggers the release of endorphins.  These are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, which promote an overall sense of well-being and temporary pain relief. Laughter and rest are the best medicine! 


Knowledge keeps our brain alive and functioning. It also allows us to make better decisions. I recommend reading and learning something new as often as possible. When we learn we grow and that is ultimately what we are here to accomplish growth, expansion and clearing our Karma (these answers lay in your astrology chart, your blueprint) Expand your knowledge, expand your life. 


We gravitate toward others because of energy and love.  Lean on those you love and those that love you, offer support to others who are in need and find a way to be of service, as well as, offer random acts of kindness. When we are in a place of giving, this will bring us full circle back to mindset and gratitude. 

These are all suggestions to live a richer, more fulfilling life. Balance is key to being in calibration with all four elements. If you can find a way to balance the 10 steps, you will be in alignment and able to more easily manifest what your heart’s truest desires are. Remember to be kind and realistic when trying to balance the 10 steps, if one is juggling many big things in life, reality is, it will be more challenging. Do what you can and honor where you are!

Blessed be!

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